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Steel Frame addition in Bluffton, Indiana

Steel Frame construction

When most people think Steel Construction they think of a warehouse with the steel frame and the metal walls or a modular building. We can do better than that! Steel Frame Construction does not compromise on aesthetics or functionality. In fact the opposite is true. You have greater flexibility in design and layout due to the strength that steel brings to your building.

Maybe it's time to consider a steel frame because of its many benefits: flexibility, lower cost, less waste, environmentally friendly, stronger material, less settling, just to name a few. Pictured right is the Westchester United Methodist Church. This building has a steel frame with a vinyl siding and brick exterior.

Lower Materials Cost

Currently, steel costs less than wood! 100% Recyclable

Lower materials cost offers a lower cost to the project from the beginning. Ongoing, with any project, there is scrap material. Steel is 100% reusable and recyclable. These traits offer the builder the opportunity to sell the scrap metal instead of pay for the disposal of unused materials. The shape and amount of steel scrap material is irrelevant since steel can be melted down, combined and reshaped which means every piece can be recycled. That cannot be said of all building materials.

Higher Construction Quality

Steel does not rot, crack, warp, bend or change over time. Steel is also pest resistant. Termites do not eat steel. Your steel frame building will begin with straighter corners and walls and will have less settling over time. Steel has the highest strength to weight ratio of all building materials, which gives you a stronger lighter structure.

Flexible Custom Design

Steel frame construction offers the most flexibility in custom design. Since steel frame construction reduces the need for load bearing walls, it offers the opportunity for unique layouts and open floor plans. When steel frame construction is coupled with our Design Build capabilities, you unique building vision can soon be under construction.

Steel Frame Experience

While some builders may be reluctant to build steel frame structures, Limberlost Construction has embraced this technology and applied the same skill and craftsmanship to this 'new' material as we have in our wood frame structures. Limberlost Construction has mastered the use of steel in building construction and is able to accurately work with the more complex engineering and building plans used in steel frame construction. Let us know how we can help your steel frame project succeed.


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History of Limberlost Construction

Limberlost Construction was formed in the spring of 1982 by three brothers, Marvin, Kenny and Mike Schwartz. In 1985 Mike sold his shares of the corporation to his two brothers and moved his family to southern California where he started another construction company building new homes and apartment complexes. In 1987 Kenny decided to seek other career choices and sold his shares to the last remaining partner, Marvin. In 1990 Mike, along with his family, moved back to Indiana to enjoy Hoosier living and bought back into Limberlost Construction. In 2003 Marvin left the business to pursue his calling in ministry.

Mike and Dayon Schwartz now run this family business. Although there have been some obvious changes in the business since 1982, the one thing that has not changed is the basic belief in upholding high quality in all our building projects and the importance of meeting schedules that are in budget.

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